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We design and develop beautiful website and offer great highly technological solutions and services for our beloved clients of all sizes and business nature. Discover by start exploring about our company background here or start our survey to see how we may help you based on your business criteria.

Our Offering

Our services are mainly focusing on the below listing but are not limited to :

Pixel-Perfect Website

Get the look you want for your business. We offer tailored based web design service based on clients' Corporate Identity or we can also work by the freedom you give to us to explore more great design idea to satisfy your website need.

e-Commerce & P.O.S

Be it your personalized online store or Point of Sales system, we can do both and you can have both at the same time too. Business should be easy and centralized so you will have more time to focus on marketing your brand and drive more potential.

Web Hosting & Registration

Our managed IT infrastructure is the key of all thrust. Our data center is managed by top performing networking company in Singapore, Malaysia and United Kingdom and are very flexible to adapt to your system requirements and your budget.

Managed Focused Marketing

Let's discover how can we transform your website as a Honey Pot to trap all prospected customers and drive them to make more sales conversion online. With the right method of marketing, every single cents spent, counts. So you don't marketify your business to none prospected clients that turned into waste.

Managed Business Services

Have no time to focus on managing your incoming sales? We can tailor great technical and operational consultation and managed service to ensure the smoothness of your deliverance and accomplishment from your website. Even to ship your product on daily basis, we have it covered for you.

Training & Consultation

As business owner, you might need to know every aspect of your business process when you have ventured into online platform. Or bring your employees for training on our very own SOHO Container House. Because learning should be fun, so we will plan and ensure the training brings positive outcome.

What makes a perfect sales website

Here’s a little snippet on how a perfect website will transform your online presence performance. Read our video presentation.

Start sharing your idea when you have determined your market segment. Never begin without it.

Regardless how dirty and tough your business nature is, a good and presentable image is need to showcase your passion and dedication.

if you're confuse with your website, so do the customers. Re-imagine your business flow to make everything is smooth and driving success.

Even if you think you can put millions into advertising cost, the right strategy will then converted into sales.

Alone we can do good, but together we can go further. Start venturing and get affiliated. Competition is good as cherry on top of icing!

The lowest the amount of purchase they bought, the better you must serve them. Their satisfaction may be the turning point of everything!


This is what friendship brings


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Have spare time to pay us a visit? Let’s have a conversation over a cup of coffee in our very specialized Container House SOHO for Malaysia Office or try some excitement by riding off Tuk-Tuk to our Luang Prabang Office.

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